For Mental Health and Spirit Wellness: The Attitude Tracker Mobile App

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The truth in a nutshell:


Your feelings and thoughts create your reality.  Your feelings, thoughts, and future reality are intertwined.  If you can learn to manage your feelings and thoughts, you will have a more happy, abundant, and fulfilling  reality now and forever.


The Attitude Tracker mobile app was created to do just that; to manage your feelings and thoughts through monitoring your daily moods, helping you become aware of your prevailing thoughts, and guiding your thoughts to a more positive state which in turn will lift your feelings state.  Think of the Attitude Tracker as part of your “well-being” therapy, helping you create a consistent positive outlook on life, therefore helping you plan and enjoy a more satisfying life.


Think about this, the first habit of the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey is being proactive which falls under his term Self-Mastery.  Self-Mastery is where you decide to make a change from dependence to independence.  Basically, it’s when you decide to govern yourself and become proactive in your life from its quality to its direction.  How better to govern yourself than to monitor what your brain is making you feel and think.  Studies have shown that a “mere” thought can change your brain activity, therefore by purposefully changing your thoughts, you will affect change to your emotional state.  The Attitude Tracker gives you the ability to monitor your daily thoughts and feelings, giving you the ability to manage them and the power to change them.


How the Attitude Tracker works:


1. Input your feelings periodically throughout the day. The Attitude Tracker will store and track this data for you to view and manage accordingly.


2. After you input your feelings you will be given a thought-guidance quote that is meant to enhance your current mood or help guide it to a more positive state.  Take these “life quotes” to heart and heed the words, apply them quickly through “mindfulness meditation”  then watch your current feelings and reality change for the better.  “Mindfulness meditation” is to practice deep awareness of your thoughts and feelings, particularly applying this practice to the thought-guidance suggestions so that you are able to change your current negative thought pattern into a positive one.  Know that at any moment in time you are able to change your thoughts and emotions for the better by being proactive, deciding to have a better perspective of the current situation.


3. Input your deeper feelings in the Diary feature to become more aware of your exact feelings and thoughts at that moment.  The Attitude Tracker will store this data for you to view and manage accordingly.


4. Input a better, more positive thought pattern and intention for yourself in the Diary feature.  The second habit of the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People is the ability to determine and clarify your end-goal.  Through creating a new thought for yourself you help clarify what you want to exist in your life.  Think of these as “statements of intention” or “goals” that create the feelings and thoughts you wish to achieve for yourself.


5. The Diary feature also provides randomly chosen “inspirational quotes” by famous Authors, Poets, and Artists; heed their words and be inspired and motivated to improve the quality of your life.


InspireHappy is proud to offer the Attitude Tracker as a life-tool to help people live a healthier and happier life.  Available now on iTunes.

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