Got Fatigue? Learn Holistic Remedies

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With how busy our everyday lives are becoming, it’s no wonder that people from all walks of life frequently feel tired, lethargic, or just plain exhausted. This fatigue can sometimes be so severe that it can prevent sufferers from participating in their favorite activities, and many people feel that the symptoms are unavoidable because they are simply too busy.


Chronic fatigue inevitably reminds us that we are no longer spring chickens. However, there are a variety of small lifestyle changes and holistic treatments which can help with the symptoms of fatigue, and allow sufferers to lead happier and more productive lives.


The first step for treating excessive fatigue, as with any medical condition, is to obtain a complete physical.  This will allow your doctor to identify potential causes of your fatigue, and rule out the possibility that the fatigue is just a symptom of an underlying medical condition.  If your doctor is unable to identify any medical reason for your fatigue, it is very likely that you can treat it yourself, at home, without medication, just by making some adjustments to your activities and schedule.


Deep breathing exercises can be very helpful for those who suffer from fatigue, stress, or a variety of other symptoms.  It allows the body to enter a state of rest, slowing one’s heart rate, and provides the body with extra oxygen to feel awake and energized.  Naps are also great for fatigue, and if you’re busy, they don’t have to be long – sometimes lying down for as little as a ten-minute power nap will make you feel refreshed and energized.  If you can’t fall asleep, lie down for ten minutes and practice deep breathing.


A balanced diet is extremely important for counteracting fatigue.  Snacks such as cookies and chips are full of “bad” carbohydrates and sugar, and though they give you a short-lived energy boost, they will make you crash later, in much the same way coffee does.  For a longer-lasting energy fix, try snacking on nuts, seeds, and fruit that are packed with essential nutrients, good fats, and that keep you both full and energized for longer.


Physical activity causes fatigue, in some ways, but it is also well-known as a remedy for chronic fatigue.  If you feel tired, try taking a quick stroll, or jogging in place for a few minutes.  Exercise releases endorphins, which makes it a great way to counteract fatigue that is related to stress or depression, and it is also well-known that regular exercise increases your overall energy level.


Power poses are also another way to combat fatigue.  Power poses increases the testosterone levels in your body and decreases the stress hormone called Cortisol which may help change your down and tired mood for the better.  Developed and researched by psychologist Amy Cuddy, click here to quickly watch a video tutorial.


Color therapy and aromatherapy are also great ways to boost your mood, and your energy level.  Bright colors such as yellow and orange tend to make the wearer feel more awake, so try to shy away from dark colors and opt for brighter hues in your wardrobe and décor.  Citrus scents, like orange and lemon, are great for making you feel awake and energized, along with mints and rosemary; take a whiff of essential oil like lavender to get you through a tired spell in the afternoon. Lastly, another way to combat fatigue is with relaxation techniques, such as massage, meditation, or the ever comforting warm Epson salt bath.


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