To be a holistic resource for people who want to be healthy, happy, and youthful.

To create life-tools that support people to live their best life.


Dear Readers,


On this site, you will find information that will help you lead a healthy, happy, and youthful lifestyle. You will also find life-tools to make life easier, fun, and meaningful. Rest assured all the information provided will either be science-based and / or derived from my personal experience. I promise everything you get on this site will be truthful, insightful, and given straight from the heart. Overall, I provide functional, common sense, and enjoyable reading promoting a holistic approach to mind, body, and spirit well-being.


In my endeavor to support your efforts to achieve better health, attain more happiness, and nurturing your youthful spirit, I share with you my personal life-tools which I offer up daily through my blog, books, recipes, videos, workshops, and mobile apps.  I have spent years studying how to live this holistic lifestyle where one considers the mind, body, and spirit in totality because  I have found, that if one of these areas are unwell or incomplete, one cannot truly be healthy or  happy.


What you get on InspireHappy:


  1. You will learn how to care for and build a stronger, more agile, and youthful body using minimal equipment with loads of fun and creativity.
  2. You will learn how to create a healthy attitude towards food and increase your knowledge in what to eat for your individual body.
  3. You will learn how to make a deeper connection with your spirit,  foster a focused mind, and achieve more vigor for life, manifesting authentic fulfillment in your everyday existence.


It is my intention to help people increase their mind, body, and spirit awareness so they may enjoy limitless vitality, happiness, and youthfulness!


Thank you for visiting;  I look forward to getting to know you.

Jeanne Floresca is the author of How To be Happy 99% of the Time: A Practical Action Plan to Make Life Easier, Fun, and Meaningful and Paleo Traveler: Old World Recipes Flipped NeoPaleo, a cookbook of traditional recipes made Paleo Diet approved.Jeanne has been in the health and fitness industry for over ten years. She is a teacher at heart and along with her entrepreneurial passions, she endeavors to create and build products that support the efforts of people who choose to live healthier and happier lives.  With that in mind, Jeanne has created three health & wellness mobile app applications for the iTunes market.Jeanne began her career as a dance teacher then moved into personal training, group exercise, and director positions soon after. In the last few years, Jeanne has fine-tuned her nutrition education and experience combining The Metabolic Typing Diet system, the Paleo Diet system, with her personal holistic methods and created an individualized system of eating called “Intuitive Eating“.

She has a Bachelor of Science in Sports Management and is certified through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM: CPT & CES) along with numerous certifications such as Pilates, TRX, and as a ShareCare Coach. View Resume



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